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Education Advocacy Consultants

Students During Break

As a Subject Matter Expert for American History and Adult Learning, Dr. Warren assists regional accreditation agencies, non-profit organizations and academic institutions in reviewing and developing course work to promote American Civics Education and Adult Learning Success Strategies.

Course Development and Review

Collaborate with higher education institutions and non-profit organizations in reviewing and revising existing curricula and programming to advance understanding of American History and promote Civics Education.

Professional Development

Provide professional development to for faculty and staff to advance Non-Traditional Learners

Instructional Success Strategies.

American Heritage and History

Community Education Program development: American Civics Education 


Subject Matter Expert:

Course Review and Development in American History


Credit Equivalency Evaluation


Adult Learner Success Strategies

Examples of Success:


Reviewed and Revised Online Course on the American Civil War Workshop as Subject Matter Expert for Thomas Edison State University. 

Women in PowerCAWP 2017.jpg

March 1, 2017 Women in Power: Panel Discussion on Women in Leadership 

HCCC Conference Center, Jersey City, NJ

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